surrealism art, comic book drawings

SURREALISM ART : Detailed illustration of the Toronto Skyline and the story behind this strange image

surrealism art, expressionist,comic book drawings

EXPRESSIONIST ART Welcome to the City of Gears

surrealism art, hero comics, drawings

HERO COMICS Origins of the superhuman & villains

robot city, surrealism art, comic book drawings

ROBOT CITY Technological Tentacles take over!

surrealism art, music artwork,comic book drawings

MUSIC ARTWORK Sounds to hold the Machine back

surrealism art, ink drawings

INK DRAWINGS Detailed Chaotic City Illustration 

surrealism art, comic book drawings

CITY MONSTER Giant amorphous Glob Creatures!

surrealism art, comic book drawings

ART DOODLES Crazy comic book street scene

surrealism art, comic book drawings

ABSURD ART Exploding heads & the Big Idea

surrealism art, future samurai, comic book drawings

FUTURE SAMURAI Martial arts vs modern machines

surrealism art, comic book drawings


surrealism art, comic book drawings

 DRAW MONSTER! Creepy concrete jungle creatures 

surrealism art, doodle,comic book drawings

SURREAL DOODLE Technology breeds Electric People

surrealism art, comic book drawings

GIANT EYE A Superhero battles the eyeball of the city

dark city, surrealism art, comic book drawings

DARK CITY A Demigod hides behind the billboards

surrealism art, dark drawing

DARK DRAWINGS Twisted Transformations & Evil Eyes

surrealism art, comic book drawings

SURREAL ARTISTS The Rise of a Subway disaster

surrealism art, weird, comic book drawings

ART WEIRD Surreal Sublimation of the human mind

surrealism art, comics art, drawings

COMICS ART A Saxophonist fights the Metropolis

robot,surrealism art, comic book drawings

ROBOT DRAWINGS Mechanical Monster Madness

surrealism art, comic book drawings

CARTOON EYEBALL Enter the eye of the city

surrealism art, pen drawin,comic book

PEN DRAWING Weird wires assimilate mankind

surrealism art, comic book drawings

PEN & INK ARTWORK Demonic Demigod Billboards 

surrealism art, doodle draw, comic book drawings

DOODLES DRAW The Chaotic Street Carnival

surrealism art,doodles, comic book drawings

ART DOODLE Spiralling Metropoitan Madness

surrealism art, comic book drawings

MONSTER CITY! All the people, cars,  wires and buildings come together as a metaphysical monstrosity!


HEY APATHY! SURREALISM ART! Monsters, Cars, Commuters and Consumers attempt to co-exist in the chaotic carnival of the big city! Technological Tentacles assimilate mankind, inanimate objects rise in revolt, smog fills our lungs and mutations, deviations and diabolic deformations go unnoticed beneath the flickering glow of the almighty billboard. One hero rises and another falls as new products, useless trends and strange ideologies sweep through the downtown core. Beware the whirlwind cog wheels of the factory for many are lost and almost none are ever found drifting along the concrete walkway; the buildings are aligned as a giant gear but it’s up to all the deranged denizens to make it spin!

This is one of my favorite collections in the “HEY APATHY!” series. I made these works while sitting on the sidewalk of Queen Street West in Toronto’s busy fashion and shopping district. Following an exciting season of live street painting performances I decided to sit back, relax and doodle away using a set of fine tip technical pens and archival illustration board.

The summer of 2005 had come to a close and while the streets remained inspirationally lucrative it was a great time to meditate on the all the interactions and adventures I’d experienced as a public performer and anthropological observer during the past few months.  Many of the characters, stories and images I instigated during my live painting performances and  in the HEY APATHY! comic book series were developed in these drawings.

The Monstrous Metropolis illustrations took anywhere between 30 and 150 hours each to create including the time I’d spend talking to passing Torontonian pedestrians and an assortment of tourists from all over the world. The full collection was exhibited in my Kensington Market Studio Gallery in the winter of 2005. The show featured numerous detailed pen and ink drawings, over 100 small brush on paper performance works and 10 large murals. 

Following the successful surrealism art exhibition I created my first edition of digital prints using images from this series. The intricate ink drawings have since been produced in various sizes as screen prints, art print giclees, limited edition books and on T-Shirts, and have continued to rank among my most popular artworks with fans and collectors alike. 

WEIRD DRAWINGS Check out images from the Kensington Market Studio Gallery Showcase.

surrealism art, comic book drawings
surrealism art, comic book drawings
surrealism art, comic book drawings

SURREALISM ART  Weird comic book style City scapes comparing anonymitiy with the face of chaos!


GRAFFITI STREET ART The street art performances which inspired these detailed ink drawings