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Art Doodles from the City of Gears! Reaching out from the his hypnotic hideaway behind the flickering billboard screens, the Business Demigod sends his technological tentacles out into the cities streets. The weird wires attack the citizens with an unrelenting madness disruptively imposing strange ideologies on the crowds. These electronic tendrils move through the metropolis manipulating the cities routines towards some sinister end. Telepathically inciting selfishness, greed and despair the robotics quickly take control of our lives. While this ground level assault spreads like a virus the billboards continue a barrage of ideological attacks. Advertising impossible ideals, the heroism of war and the necessity of submission the flashing video screens breach all peripheries sneakily attaching manufactured thoughts in place of our own.

A female model transforms into a pig and is celebrated as live stock setting a precedent for the young. Another advertisement boasts guaranteed pleasure as their product will remove your brain and therefor all unpleasant thoughts. A car grows giant teeth and eats a pedestrian and the buildings follow suit finding an appetite for eating shoppers. Everything turns to blackness born of hatred and anxiety yet no one seems to question the weird state of things and the demigod laughs. Running like rats in a maze with no exit, the city of gears continues to spiral into it's new routines.

“The City of Gears” is a collection of detailed pen and ink drawings I made wile working as a full time graffiti street artist in downtown Toronto. These absurd expressions were all drawn while I was sitting on the sidewalks in the busy shopping district and were inspired by all the crazy people I would meet and see. It was an amazing experience completely unlike working in an artists studio because you never knew what was going to happen at any given time. As a result of this chance environment I started doing all my work spontaneously. I never did any preliminary studies and drew all the images directly with ink on board. Although I would usually come up with a little sentence or idea to get me started ( I remember I began with the car eating a pedestrian after witnessing a ridiculous altercation at the cross walk that morning) I was really excited to approach the drawings blindly, letting the city dictate the outcome of the work.


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 SURREALISM ART Gallery of detailed City of Gears Ink Drawings & Weird Tales

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