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READ COMICS ONLINE  A young painter dealing with artist's block is challenged by insanity... 

ONLINE COMIC BOOKS "Another Hollywood Gunstory" A man tries to live life with a concealed weapon

ONLINE GRAPHIC NOVEL A day trip downtown turns nightmare in this satirical tale. 

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SAMURAI ADVENTURE A lone Ronin Warrior gets caught up in a battle with a Robot Mafia !

COMICS ONLINE  Robot Warriors Extraterrestrial Electronics & an insignificant Superhero !

SKELETON MAN STORIES Dark Gothic tales of a lonely little man living in the rain


read comic books online

THE SONG FOR A SAMURAI! A wandering Ronin is coaxed into battle against diabolical robot gangsters by a band of misfit vigilantes working out of a computer repair shop! A non stop tale about telling tales, codes of honor, monstrous mechanics and ancient myth! Another action packed adventure from the City of Gears as told from the perspective of a young street artist situated in the middle of the madness.  Book 2, 36 pages Samurai mayhem.

read comic books online

The Rise & Fall of SuperheroHawk! Technological tentacles are assimilating mankind! When one unassuming individual refuses to submit, he is transformed by his retaliation, and sent soaring above the crowds like a tiny Superhero! Dressed in a black mask and eyeball cape the citizen is immediately drawn into battle with three Giant Sentinel Billboard Robots!!! Does this solitary symbol of hope stand a chance against the City of Gears? HEY APATHY! Book 1 36 pages B&W

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 "The Last Optimist" is the terrifying tale of a young suburbanite’s disastrous daytrip downtown. In every direction the magnificent metropolis promises the fulfillment of unobtainable dreams and desires. However these dreams are never what they seem in this story about growing up, growing bricks under your skin and the inescapable beauty of the big city. Follow a trail of concrete horrors as this young denizen finds out just what it takes to become the Last Optimist.  READ COMIC BOOKS ONLINE SUGGESTED FOR MATURE READERS

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Gun Stories Graphic Novel! An aspiring commercial designer is slowly driven to madness by his excessive addiction to social networking. The result of his disillusionment leads to a strange compulsion to own a gun and ultimately into a weird midnight world of weaponry! Can this young man find satisfaction through a surreal collage of action packed scenarios? Featuring everything from gangsters to deer hunting this one's got it all including a bunch of 5 star ratings I made up myself!   SUGGESTED FOR MATURE READERS

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THIS DOESN”T MAKE ANY SENSE! Follow the misadventures of a little funny Skeleton Man wandering through the rain trying to deal with depression, addiction, heartbreak, procrastination and strange nightmares about demon pig. This comic was basically a gothic diary I kept during my first year as a street artist. Originally published as a series of photocopy-zines in 2004. The actual drawings, which were almost completely destroyed by exposure, have been restored for the first time in this single volume.

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END OF THE LINE! Strange comics about human loops, mass consumption, surreal psychologies and monsters from other dimensions. Discover a bottle that drinks people, the weird world of Neuroberg, anthropomorphic foliage, what happens when humanoids come to diner and the true meaning of love! This anthology features over 70 pages of previously unpublished comic strips, short stories and ink drawings created 2001-12. The printed edition  is signed and limited to 50 copies.

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