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FASHION DRAWING! THE CITY IS A GIANT GEAR PROPELLED BY ALL THE DECORATED PEOPLE!! One of the most powerful means of mainstream communication has always been fashion. From kings to paupers, all our stories are writ on our clothes. Colors and cuts   signify an unspoken language delivering unconscious messages at an inescapable pace. The HEY APATHY! Conceptual Collection features a selection of designs made ready to wear just in time for the seasonal hard rains!

Why fashion design?!   Street Wear is one of the most exciting palettes for an artist to explore. By producing artworks on clothing the images become increasingly accessible and more likely to roam unchecked throughout the public sphere. This page features the entire line of HEY APATHY Monster shirts, accessories  and experimental clothing creations including hand-made articles, limited edition products and unusual t-shirts from 2004-present.  

MAGAZINES Oh where can one turn when he/she cannot think for themselves? Gallery of Magazine photos, articles, interviews & inaccuracies. Pulp propaganda for your pedagogical pleasure... 

FASHION VIDEOS Could an officer intimidate if his uniform was pink with yellow polka dots?? Oftentimes we only concern ourselves with outward appearances and neglect to observe the true meaning behind our clothes. Something to think about while watching these cool videos...

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SURREALISM ART WORK- Giant Ink mural backdrop used in fashion photo-shoot featuring all Toronto talent including the designer, the model, the artist and the theme of the drawing.

Fashion Drawings- Selection of crazy comic book style shirt designs. Exploding Heads, Monster Cities and crazy manga battle scenes

MONSTER SHIRTS!- A limited edition of hand painted monster t-shirts done in collaboration with indy clothing company CBE. This collection has 40 one of a kind wearable artworks.

Street Fashion- Photo Gallery of people wearing various HEY APATHY! designs including t-shirts, custom clothing and tattoos!

Comic T-Shirt- Limited edition commissioned clothing design for the Art Gallery of Ontario done in celebration of the grand re-opening of the A.G.O. fall 2008

STREET PAINTINGS- A two page magazine spread featuring time lapse photography of a “HEY APATHY!” graffiti performance on Queen Street West downtown Toronto

NOW MAGAZINE TORONTO- Cover page and feature article for the “Hard Rain” war artworks.

STRANGE SHIRTS- Weird designs created to promote bands, events and indy companies, limited run t-shirts depicting surrealist manifestations of the monstrous metropolis.

Scary Monsters- various creepy creature designs including skateboard art and full-face helmit designs, decorated musical instruments and hand made screen printed clothing.

MANGA MONSTER!- A short article in a Japanese  Culture Magazine. The issue featured photos and breif interviews with several creative people working in fashion and design.

Drake Hotel Toronto- Interview in Fashion magazine about HEY APATHY! street art, comics and the artists residency at the famous hotel

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