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GRAFFITI STREET ART! People, Monsters, Villians and Machines attempt to coexist amisdt the concrete jungle known as the City of Gears!!! For the better part of a five year period I spent my time sitting in the middle of the downtown sidewalks drawing, observing and interviewing the city. In pursuit of some strange edification I chose to immerse myself in metropolis routines and as a result I learned many things about architecture and others. 

2004 Street Graffiti Art- Experimental Urban Zombie Monster drawings on Queen St. West

2005 Graffiti Drawings –Surreal Metropolitan Portraits from the cynical city sidewalks.

2006 Street Murals- Giant Eye Ball City Pen and Ink drawings in downtown Toronto

2007 Graffiti Styles-Welcome to the City of Gears! Live Street Painting Performances!

2008-09 Graffiti Drawing -Live Painting Performances at Festivals, Gala Events

2010 Sidewalk Art-New York Graffiti Street Art Performances in Washington Square Park, New York City.

2002-03 Black and White Artwork- Drawings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2004 Black White Drawings-street painting at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2005 Graffiti Paintings-Drawings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2006 Graffiti Mural- Live Comics Drawings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2008 Dragon Artwork –Mural Drawing Storefront Display at the Hudson Bay Co

2009 Art Graffiti Street- Outdoor Painting Performance at the Nuit Blanche Festival

2009  Weird Art –Live Comic Book Drawings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2010 Amazing Street Art- Mural Painting Performances at Buskerfest St. Lawrence Market

2011 Sidewalk Drawing- Draw Murals Performance at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2002-03 Scary Faces- Midnight Mission Monster Drawings & Graffiti Murals

2005-08 Street Art Graffiti – Random Painted Street Objects and  Renegade Outdoor Murals

2005-12 Graffiti Artists Paintings- Large Wall Murals and Alleyway Artworks

Like many of us I grew up an avid scribbler and fan of mainstream comics, film, music and animation. As I approached adulthood however, I found myself increasingly infuriated by the repetitious scenarios and apathetic consumerist undertones of both popular and real time culture. At the age of 24, after being commissioned to illustrate a cartoon styled advertisement for alcohol, I had finally had enough and decided to lock myself inside a basement studio to meditate. I spent an entire year down there creating pen and ink drawings depicting the metropolis as an ominous gear propelled by an endless sea of faceless denizens. Following my retreat, and the subsequent exhibition of the works (2002),  I realized that my nihilistic landscapes, although somewhat accurately constructed, were too withdrawn and posed more questions than they offered answers, “Who are all these people?”, “What is the City?” and ultimately “Where do I fit in?”. 

In hopes of gaining a better understanding of the phenomena in question I chose to forsake the introspective nature of the artist’s studio in favor of an investigative approach. I proceeded to develop a particular process using public interventions, street performances and outdoor festivals transforming the city into a studio, stage and gallery. Through these immersive experimentations I was able to meet face to face with thousands of people from all over the world and of all walks of life. As a result both my artworks and self evolved immensely. Although I continued to depict the city as a giant gear, it was now all the unique characters, not anonymous crowds, who fuelled the machine. In congruence with these anthropological discoveries my aesthetic processes also change as became primarily concerned with developing a dialogue that could be simultaneously intellectually provocative as well as accessible to audiences of all ages. The pages catalogued in this Graffiti Street Art section feature the various public experiments I made during my journey from the outskirts to the eye of the city.