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DRAW GRAFFITI! The oversized interpretations of the HEY APATHY! artworks plays a dynamic role in my quest to initiate a dialogue with the city. The murals have been commissioned as private and corporate wall paintings, storefront and store ceiling displays, and for the exterior wall of an entire house. The works have also been featured in numerous fashion magazines, news articles and feature films.

Painting Wall Murals – My first renegade graffiti street art experiments around the O.C.A.D. construction site

Graffiti Murals – Early scary monster murals created all around downtown Toronto 2002

Graffiti Wall Art- Various large scale monster murals on boards, in homes, and storefronts

Mural Ideas- Midnight graffiti art done on construction walls and alleyways around the city

Graffiti Pictures- Live street art mural painting performances from the streets of Toronto

Ceiling Murals- Time lapse video of crazy ceiling mural done inside local longboard skateboard shop

Outdoor Wall Murals – Giant wall mural on the brick exterior of a two-storey house.

Graffiti Art- Surreal landscape Office Mural Design

Mural Art- Giant hallway cartoon wall painting in loft space

Mural Drawings- Technology vs the Metropolis in this strange indoor wall mural

Toronto Murals- large mural in St. Lawrence Market featuring hopscotch/maze for kids

Mural Graffiti- A strange cartoon reflection of Kensington Market Public artwork

Toronto Skyline  -large illustrative rendering of the Toronto Skyline including various buildings, landmarks & areas

Mural Artists Stairwell -4 giant cityscape/urban themed stairwell murals with exposed glass exteriors

Funny Graffiti- Silly lunchroom mural featuring a crowd of crazy characters dining on absurd cartoon foods!

HEY APATHY GRAFFITI MURALS! A BUSINESSMAN’S HEAD SPONTANEOUSLY SPLITS IN TWO AND FLOATS AWAY! LUCKILY THIS INDIVIDUAL HAS ENOUGH SENSE TO REACH UP AND PUT THE TOP BACK IN PLACE! Inspired by the manifestation of communicative prowess expressed in the barrage of images, advertisements, and billboards (in particular), throughout the monstrous metropolis, the “HEY APATHY!” artworks have included numerous black and white public and private wall paintings. The works have included paintings on construction hoardings,as storefront displays, and on giant brick walls.

My first murals were created with chalk tempera on the sidewalk patio in front of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Through these early experiments I developed a suitable technique for creating large works quickly and discovered the hypnotically empowered influence of outdoor artworks and exhibitions. Shortly thereafter I took to painting renegade murals in which Creepy Roach Monsters haunted  hoardings and alleyways around Toronto's Kensington Market and Chinatown. The midnight missions proved exhilarating and productive as the city was transformed into an endlessly imaginative canvas for my black and white creatures. 

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