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The City of Gears

Expressionist Art by Mike Parsons: From a distance the City introduces itself as an ominous gear propelled by an endless sea of faceless denizens. However as we move in for a closer look the monstrous metropolis begins to reveal a far more complex identity. The tombstone towers are decorated with window eyeballs, brickwork tattoos, and entrance way mouthpieces. Each architectural structure boasts a unique personality communicated telepathically through aesthetics sharing tales of the past present and future. A widespread electronic virus has attached itself to many of these structures sending weird hypnotic messages composed of flashing video and graphic designs to the streets below.

Gazing down from the monolith skyscrapers and apartments we can see the streets filled with people moving around as if in some chaotic ballet. Intimately affected by a the information all around them the citizens of the gear move to and fro working, shopping, eating, sleeping and occasionally interacting with one another. Despite the immense attempts by the virus to create a stabilized uniformity these crowds continue to evolve in every possible manner. They appear in all shapes, sizes, and colours and while sharing many common attributes, each has his or her own hopes, goals, interests and dreams.

Although the hypnotic virus has spread from the billboards and homes to the hand held devices of each individual it is still here, on the streets, that the city's true personality can be seen. As they storm down the walkways, moving with varied directions and desire, the random magical diversity of the people creates a beauty that the electronics cannot. Coming from many different origins and of all walks of life the crowds are a never ending source of wonderment. Sometimes it can be positive and other times troublesome, yet it is always changing and can never be fully understood. While the buildings remain in the shape of an enormous gear, it is obvious that it is an amazing collective of unique individuals, not anonymous cogs, that fuel this machine.


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