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Doodles Draw the Monstrous Metropolis! As the city wakes up to another busy day the streets start to fill up with all sorts of crazy creatures. Cars with eyeball headlights, trucks with grilled teeth, trains and trollies with big bellies and cyclists all roll down the roadways. People of all shapes and sizes pile on top of their purchases as they mix and mingle with monsters and goblins on their way to and from work. Some of these creatures are tiny and some of them large, some have tiny heads and large bodies but they are all weird.

Decorated in various fashions and odd personalities the average crowd is like a parade, in every direction there is something amusing or mesmerizing to enjoy. The buildings stand tall and still watching over the show with both windowed eyes and the entrance mouths wide open. These architectural beings always laugh at the scene wondering why we are all so busy moving around when they have it so easy standing perfectly still. The vehicles sing out mechanical rhythms in synch with the stomping feet while a chorus of conversations completes the surreal symphony of the street.

“The City of Gears” pen and ink drawings were all made while I was working as a graffiti street art performer in downtown Toronto. At that time I would set up a portable studio and vendors table on the side walks in the busy shopping district and make all my work in public. It was an exciting experience because I was able to meet thousands of people from all over the world and of all walks of life.

This particular image was inspired by the busy energy that would fill the area on the weekends. While the weekdays were still interesting, there was definitely a different sort of tension and the streets were never that full. However on a sunny warm Saturday the city turned into a carnival. The sidewalks would be brimming with people and the atmosphere was always great. Somehow, despite the over crowded , people became really friendly and considerate during these stimulating days. I wanted to capture that atmosphere in this drawing so I made the scene completely packed with characters and tried to give it a sort of “Mardi Gras” feel.


doodles draw

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