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Attack of the City Monster! All the people, wires, routines and devices begin to spiral into one another. As these separated components of the monstrous metropolis collide a new entity is formed. Hundreds of tiny eyeballs merge giving the new creature sight. Bodies pile on top if each other causing an amorphous globular torso to be shaped from twisting and melting metamorphosis. Like electric tentacle appendages wires shoot out from the beast in every direction. Waving hysterically these tendrils precede to enhance the assimilation impaling young business people on the wires and pulling them into the core of the horde. The Monster comes in many shapes and sizes but it is clearly an unstoppable force of inertia.

This creature is one of the major characters depicted in my “City of Gears” ink drawings. I first noticed the beast while I was working as a full time graffiti street art performer in downtown Toronto. At that time I would sit on the buy sidewalk of the Queen St. West fashion district and draw disturbing cartoon caricatures of the people passing by. On the busiest days these figures would crowd the streets and my paper mixing together with such energy as to reveal their true form. Although each person or cell was unique in and of itself, sometimes the larger organism would over power the individual. The City monster is the crowds personified bonded by the aggression, chaos and madness of a citywide shopping spree.

In addition to the illustration featured on this page I drew at least three other small variations on this mythological beast. The creature was also one of my favourite subjects to explore during my live large scale mural paintings. The imagery was perfect because the larger figure is made up of hundreds of smaller characters making it a mesmerizing live performance as something new would happen every few seconds. As was the routine in the area where I painted people would often see the shapeless drawings of tiny little people in the morning and then get to see the giant form of the monster on their way home in the afternoon.


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