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SCIENCE FICTION COMICS What would happen in a world were everyone was blind if suddenly one person could see?

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CRAZY COMICS "THE SINKLING" A stream of conscious adventure following another failed attempt to achieve enlightenment

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      BODY HORROR TALES            Short stories of metemorphosis metaphysics metaphors & mutilation

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free online comics, funny

FUNNY DRAWINGS! A collection of black jokes celebrating the absurdity of human emotions

SILLY COMICS Numerous short ridiculous tales about people, vice, the city and dreams 

FUNNY COMICS The Ledge follows our non-descript protagonist as he ponders life on the edge

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SATIRICAL COMICS "Computer World" depicts various weird circumstances involving devices

STRANGE COMICS "REFLECTIONS" Another weird tale about mirrors routines and reflected realities

UNDERGROUND COMICS "All You Need is Love" is a bitter little look at things that pass for love

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DOODLE MONSTERS "DOWN" A strange story about line-ups, personal identidies & eating flies 

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SHORT SCARY STORY "EAT" Another DOWN tale about strangers &  flies for supper

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POLITICAL COMICS "Raise Your Black Flags & Do as You're Told" Examine media brainwash tactics

WEBCOMICS : Strange Tales from the City of Gears!

Free Comics Online! Tales of terror, the monstrous metropolis, people turning zombie and prophecies from the future and days long since past! This catalog of crazy webcomics features dozens of short illustrated stories from the mythological city of gears. Since 2002 I have been randomly scribbling away creating all kinds of different fables in various different genres and formats. Exploring everything from three panel funnies to full length graphic novels I have developed a unique universe and a broad range of parables. Some of the works are silly and even directed towards kids while others are surreal black comedies that aren't suitable for anyone. The exciting part about working with short strips is that I can continually reinvent my self by experimenting with new ideas and different styles while staying true to my overall artistic visions. The webcomics may be weird but they never get boring!

Many of these shorts were originally made as small photocopy zines that I use to give away at art shows and on the streets. Heavily inspired by the underground movements of the 60's and 70's I got really excited about the immediacy of this grassroots art form. I created various limited series or trilogies every year to compliment my fine art exhibitions. Basically for every art show I produced a new zine including the “HEY APATHY!” political comics, the “DOWN” Horror anthology as well as “ Stupid Comics” a tribute to the underground.

Although I am working on publishing more polished full length graphic novels this free online comics index gives me a chance to share short stories and sketchbook comics. I have plans to continue adding new works here as well as salvaging many of my old forgotten tales. As the collection piles up I'll produce more extremely limited anthologies of the webcomics as the first version sold out quickly and was well received. So prepare to laugh, cry, be horrified and offended as there are absolutely no rules when it comes to producing these alternative comics!

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THE REPLACEMENTS!  A Mad Scientist's attempts to replace mankind with his own creations!

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ROBOT COMICS! A  Sci-fi tale of future cities, a Robot rebellion & Kids with Superpowers

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SURREAL COMICS MAGAZINE Featuring Webcomics, Weird Tales Short Stories & Creepy Art!

 "END OF LINE" a limited editon oversized book collecting these weird free online comics (SOLD OUT)