This page features comic book artists, webcomics, painters, writers, street art and film links with an emphasis on independent creations. I will include a select "cult" bibliography of published and professional works that have influenced and inspired me but I feel it will be more interesting to explore the vast resource of grass roots & underground art the internet has to offer.


comic book artists

THOUGHTTOGRAPHIC is the home of Justin McElroy 's many strange creatures, places and ideas. Justin's drawings are full meticulously intricate details using fine line work and fantastical scenery to explore a weird world of surreal horrors, unusual nightmares and humorous monstrosities. Justin's endlessly creative sequences fall somewhere between intriguingly beautiful and monstrously grotesque. His prolific body of work includes a variety illustrations, short comic strips and longer webcomics.

comic book art

PAUL SIZER DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION Paul Sizer is an incredible comic book artist, designer, illustrator and teacher. Paul's masterfully combination of imaginative concepts, figurative techniques, digital fonts and perspective line art results in a visual experience unlike anything else I've ever seen. His work has been featured in Weird Tales Magazine,Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan Artbook and the album art for electronic musician Thomas Dolby. In addition to his amazing design work has also self published three intensely illustrated original graphic novels. A must see for aspiring comicbook creators!

JACK CROWDER is an illustrator, designer and comics creator. Jack has a very unique style that mixes fluid figurative skills with a definitive stylized comics aesthetic. Both his original character designs and colour palette are truly unique falling midway between realism and the surreal. His subject matter includes everything from pop culture icons to perverse pages. In addition to his site Jack's DeviantArt page is loaded with material.

TOM PERKINS  is professional animation designer for projects like The Batman, TMNT and The Avenegers. There is a cool page on his site where he posts drawings made on his kids brown paper lunch bags. Every day the bags feature superheroes as they meet things like Xeno-Squids, the Cubazoid King, Gartheriad Stone Ogres while travelling to all sorts of strange worlds. 


psychedelic art

NEIL GIBSON CREATIONS Neil Gibson paints these amazing black light tapestries exploring psychedelic geometry and the illusion of space. Neil's creations are very unique in the way they examine traditional psychedelia and abstract patterns while avoiding the stereotypical tropes exhausted by others in the field. His work ranges from poster sized to enormous stage backdrops and is regularly featured at electronic dance parties all over the world, highly recommend you see these in person if you ever get the chance.

CAROLINEDRAWS Caroline is a versatile and imaginative artist working in a variety of mediums including ink, acrylics, writing and photography. On her site you'll find all sorts of intriguing images including bodies infested with eyeballs, birds with mice faces and other serene & surreal dreamlike situations. Her work has been shown in numerous magazines, art galleries and as album artwork for “very loud bands”.

GLUKKAKE is an illustrator, graphic designer, screenprinter & the creative coordinator for Dr. Sketchy's NYC/Worldwide and right hand woman to artist Molly Crabapple. Her site features a great selection of serigraph work including t-shirt designs, poster prints and published books as well as in depth articles related to the technique. Anyone interested in the aesthetics and process of screen printing should look this up.

Ryan S. Thomason works with lino prints, mono-prints and paintings mixing colourful experimentation with strange line work to express his unique vision. Ryan's artist statement eloquently explains his intentions: “Chance and unpredictability in media and subject matter are important elements of my work. Uncertainty comes in part from using forms taken from the side of the natural world hidden from everyday view, in particular deep-sea animals, microscopic creatures and other rarely seen organisms.”