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Art Weird Drawings! Strange technological tentacles are assimilating mankind! These weird extraterrestrial electronics have slowly evolved subversively merging with the human mind. Although they have existed alongside us for a long as recorded history, these hypnotic devices have mutated to an efficiency previously only imagined in science fiction stories. There was a time when they were restricted to theatres and giant blinking posters but they soon moved into our homes and eventually into our bodies. Now it is almost impossible to recognize them as abnormal even when they present themselves as violent mechanical wires penetrating the flesh of a person's face!

The creatures can be seen falling from the sky, slithering along the ground and inhabiting the pockets, purses and brief cases of almost every denizen in the City of Gears. These techno-tendrils have instilled themselves on the metropolis completely submersed in our routines and regulations. Both tracking and leading this lobotomized society these creatures have taken control of every aspect of urban living while managing to stay completely hidden and accepted by the young and old alike. Not since the wave of nicotine aliens has any invasion been so successful yet those lung infesting parasites pale in comparison to the aggressive manipulations inflicted by these machines.

Their greatest strength lies in the illusion that we control them. Artfully they have convinced us that they are only computers and our input and commands determine their actions while the truth lies in perverse algorithms bent on intellectual insemination. The monsters perpetually manipulate information, rewiring our data, knowledge, our art weird dreams and desires for some as yet unseen purpose. Of course as a faithful member of this electronic society these words will appear blasphemous, especially since they have undoubtedly reached via the channels they aim to expose.

Regardless of these current beliefs it is quite easy to confirm these suspicions, all you need to do is turn off all your techno-manipulators for a few minutes. It won't take long for reality to present itself. Soon after the disconnect you will see the horrors of the invasion. You will see the worm-like robotics decapitating people, slipping and slurping into their minds and closing the gory wounds as if nothing had happened. You will see that and much more so go ahead put down you “Smartphone” and bare witness, put it down, tune it out, turn it off... if you can!


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