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Artwork Drawings Exhibitions! “HEY APATHY!” is an ongoing artistic investigation into monsters, the metropolis, mankind, and existence in general. In the earliest ink drawings (2001) the city is revealed as a ominous gear propelled by an endless sea of faceless denizens. In each subsequent exploration the imagery delves deeper into the city examining the minds and eyes of these unidentifiable crowds. The project deals with interrelated topics such as nature, progress, urban sustainability, war, the ideology of alienation and most importantly the role of the individual amidst a microcosmic global community. In more recent artworks the city remains as a giant gear only now it is all the strange and unique characters, not anonymous cogs, who fuel the machine. The entire project has spanned more than a decade including  gallery installations, street art interventions, storefront performances, pen and ink drawings, giant wall murals, animations, comic books and interactive CG art. Since 2002 ‘HEY APATHY!” has been showcased annually in various exhibitions including presentations sponsored  by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council,the Toronto Outdoor Art Festival,  Nuit Blanche, the A.G.O. (the Art Gallery of Ontario) and the Hudson’s Bay Company.  

2013 Creepy Eye featured a surreal  funhouse environment as a part of Nuit Blanche 

2012 Dark Art –  Gothic Portraiture brick and bone meet the collective unconscious Robert Kananaj Gallery

2012 Videogame Artwork – the virtual metropolis  interactive animation Nuit Blanche, EVA London

2012 Cartoon Murals- Drawing installation during artist’s residency at the Drake Hotel

2011 Pen Drawings- Merchandise exhibition featuring prints, comic books and t-shirts Foundery Gallery

2011 3D Art- Debut of the Virtual Metropolis Interactive Video Installation, 401 Richmond St Nuit Blanche

2011 Pen and Ink Drawings- artwork drawings window display at the Robert Kananaj Gallery

2010 Urban Artwork- Large Pen and Ink Drawings Urban Space Gallery

2009 How to Draw Graffiti- site specific outdoor performance artwork Nuit Blanche

2008 Surreal Drawings- Storefront studio performance paintings, Hudson’s Bay Company

2008 Art Gallery of Ontario- commissioned clothing design for grand re-opening A.G.O.

2008 Draw Comics- Live painting performance during multi-media group exhibition, Queen Street West

2007 Sidewalk Drawings- Exhibition of murals made during street performance, Resistor Gallery

2006 Urban Art Drawings- detailed pen and ink artwork  at Edward Day Gallery

2006 Drawing Comics- respective exhibition of large ink drawings 2001-2006 Cambridge Galleries

2006 Black and White Pictures- solo exhibition & performances, Definitely Superior Gallery Thunder Bay

 2005 Pen and Ink Drawing –installation of works based on New York City, OCAD

2005 Weird Drawings- collection of street art paintings and comics, Kensington Studios

2004 Draw Monsters- giant exhibition of monster drawings and murals, XPACE Gallery

2004 Strange Art- dark drawings of pigs and poverty complete with black walls, red floors and red ceilings, 

2003 War Art- over 500 pen and ink works presented as a sculptural Installation, Virus Arts

2002 Pen and Ink Art- HEY APATHY! a large environmental installation recreating an imaginary cartoon city

Comic-Cons, Outdoor Art Displays & Sidewalk Paintings 

In addition to the traditional gallery setting I  also use comic book conventions, outdoor art festivals and street art interventions to exhibit my artwork drawings. I really enjoy these types of venues because I get to meet face to face with all sorts of people. A lot of my work and inspiration comes from the random conversations and interactions that can only happen outside of the gallery environment (in the real world).

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