comic city,drawings,Canadian,art,monster,comics,black,white,pen,ink
comic city,drawings,Canadian,art,monster,comics,black,white,pen,ink
comic city,drawings,Canadian,art,monster,comics,black,white,pen,ink
comic city, drawings,Canadian,art,monster,comics,black,white,pen,ink
comic city,Canadian,art,monster,comics,black,white,pen,ink

Comic City Concrete Routines unto Oblivion...From a distance the city reveals itself as an ominous gear propelled by an endless sea of faceless denizens. Perpetually spiralling around in meaningless routine, the anonymous crowds move the metropolis as they disappear into a horizon of oblivion. Despite the terrifying scenario we are pulled in by a mesmeric force, a hypnotic attraction promising unobtainable dreams and ideals. As we approach the crowded streets the factory skyline becomes difficult to distinguish. Instead the buildings appear like giant tombstone towers hovering over the frenzied hordes of peoples going nowhere. The constant vibrations and movement seem to cancel each other out creating a strange nihilistic effect, the city is very much alive yet somehow resembles an enormous graveyard.

Entirely swept up by the mass manipulations we follow the rhythms blindly rushing towards our trivial rewards. All the while completely unaware of any consequences which may result from this unkempt factory. The continuous production of superficial ideologies leaves a wake of devastation in it's path. Using up the energy of the collective unconscious only to spit out a deep darkened waste. The activities of the city factory polluting the lands and the human mind. It is questionable just sustainable such a mechanism truly is.

Suddenly, as if in answer to these unusual doubts, a dream like blast tears through the landscape. This unseen force instantly annihilates the skyline, tearing the tombstone towers to pieces and hurdling the crowds through the air. With huge chaotic tar-like waves the entire metropolis is reduced to rubble. The event lasts less than a few seconds leaving nothing more than a psychic stain and floating particles. In those drifting ashes the remains of mankind hover like tiny lost souls spiralling through a broken machine...

HEY APATHY” is an ongoing artistic investigation into  the metropolis, in an attempt to answer the questions "WHAT IS THE CITY?","WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE?" and "WHERE DO I FIT IN?".  I made this comic city sequence of drawings as a visual artist's statement to accompany the first series. The images represent the five major symbols I used in the introduction to my adventure:   “THE CITY OF GEARS”, “The City of Graves”, “The Apocalypse”, “The Floating People”, and “The Falling Person”.  Starting from an aerial and distant view, the  artworks  bring the audience in closer and closer to chaotic city. At first introducing the faceless crowds, then engulfing and including the viewer in the apocalypse and post devastation psychological dream state. The original series, created between 2000-2001 ,included over 300 hundred artworks and was presented as an enormous drawing installation at the Ontario College of Art and Design.


line art drawings

LINE ART DRAWINGS Crazy Detailed Surreal Comic Book CityScape

COMIC CITY Superhero Robots & Creatures  from the monstrous metropolis!

doodle drawings

DOODLE DRAWINGS Skyscraper Faces & Denizen Routines  in the psychedlic Robot City