ONLINE COMIC BOOKS: “ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD GUN STORY” A young introvert driven to the edge by excessive exposure to social media finds himself compulsively seeking out a personal arsenal. After traveling to the far edge of the city our protagonist arms himself with various weapons and returns to his downtown apartment. The overwhelming power, and possible consequences, set his imagination reeling. He ponders all sorts of subversive acts only to be set off by the beep of his cell phone. Startled he lets fire a number of shots destroying all his electronic computers and devices, and in essence his only connections to the outside world or so called reality. From there the tale spirals into a near dream world as our sad subject attempts to find his place in society using a new found hypnotic prowess granted him by his guns. Wrapped in a trench coat filled with an undetermined amount of concealed weapons this strange misfit makes his way from strange situation to stranger situation and ultimately to some sort of enlightened metamorphosis (or maybe not?).

This weird story is a part of my entertainment trilogy in which I use surrealism, body horror and unconscious exploration to parody various area of the arts. “Another Hollywood Gun Story” attempts to dissect several typical mainstream cinematic tropes including violence without consequence, misogynistic fantasies and action packed sequences in order to re-imagine the action genre as the ludicrous absurdity it actually is. There are also several reference to films of great value scattered throughout the narrative including Taxi Driver, Videodrome, Sonatine, and Tetsuo the Iron Man. In the end the chaotic tale reads like a jumble of short critiques strung together as if in dreams. In addition to this tale about the movies the other two stories in this trilogy examine the fine arts and popular music.

I have actually been thinking about this story for a long time now. I first came up with the as a high school student when I scripted a short paragraph about how different the world would look if I always carried a loaded weapon. It was just a idea but I never forgot about it after all these years. Sometimes concepts just stick with me until I turn them into comics and move on. When I decided to do this entertainment trilogy the notion of carrying guns around on ones daily routines jumped right out at me again and I was off and running. I didn't do any scripts for the book just took it one page at a time directly with ink on paper. The entire thing took about two weeks to draw and was published in magazine format the winter of 2012-13 and as a part of my online comic books the a year later.