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Comic Book Characters Index! Read the origins and backstories for all the superheroes, Samurai, cyberpunks, magicians and villains from the HEY APATHY! graphic novels. Each issue features a complete adventure starring some of the people listed below. The stories cross multiple genres including adventure, sci-fi, horror and mystery. The entire series is connected by the anthropomorphic environment; Welcome to the City of Gears!


comic book characters, superhero
comic book characters, manga samurai
comic book characters,hero
comic book characters,witch stories
comic book characters,superhero
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comic book characters,supervillain
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SUPERHERO CHARACTERS The city is under attack by an technological virus. Strange tentacles are assimilating mankind when one lone individual rises up from the chaos. Through his act of defiance  alone an unassuming young denizen is transformed beyond belief! Enter the Superhero with eyeballed cape!

MANGA SAMURAI Samura Wakayama is a wandering Ronin questing the monstrous metropolis in search of an ominous eyeball. The enormous and corrupt optic is known to mimic the thoughts and conscious of humanity only twisted  in it's mechanized objectives. What will Samura learn from the eye?

COMIC BOOK HERO Once a great guardian of the City of Gears, the old man has retired from the service and retreated to run a downtown computer repair shop in the city he used to protect. Despite his humble resignations, the Old Man secretly hires and trains individuals with extraordinary talents to work in the unassuming service center.

WITCH STORIES Argenta, as with most modern witches, has shifted her practice from potions and incantations to computerized manipulations. With her vast knowledge of all technologies and the macroverse, Argenta has powers of influence reaching any one who has ever come in contact with a computer,

COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO Junior was a promising scientist at a very early age. Unfortunately his premature genius corresponded with  numerous terrifying political revelations. Deciding to hide his talents, the master of cybernetics communications has turned somewhat reclusive in the back of the old man's repair shop.

STRANGE TREES FOREST RANGER Audu and his Jungle cat were once the great protectors of the legendary Green forest. For years they were the official guardians for the environment. Unfortunately as bureaucracies go, the government eventually cut the funding and sold the land to developers. Today Audu lives at the repair shop with a smaller jungle cat.

STREET ART COMICS The entire HEY APATHY!  Comics series is told from my perspective as a street artist working amidst the madness. For years I've set up shop exhibiting, performing and talking to people in the middle of the City of Gears. Through these comic book characters I can share my street art experiences and stories about all the crazy city dwellers that I met.

SUPERVILLAIN Shortly after the prophetic optical injury and sudden disappearance of the Head Guardian Master Kazuo, a new technological virus began sweeping the streets. Giant technological eyeballs are on the loose in the metropolis. Rumors have it that a devious and one eyed genius is behind the insidious robot eyes.

ZOMBIE ROBOT A Diabolical business Demi-God is assimilating mankind. Seething robotic tentacles exhume from his head and hands invading and corrupting the minds of the populous. The evil deity manifests itself through billboards and cell phones and all sorts of technologies, Manipulating social activities and shaping a world best left unsaid!