WITCH STORIES! It was during the 1989 raids on the ghoulish covens inhabiting the west end of the Red Docks when the Old Man, then a young Guardian of the City, discovered the baby he later named Argenta. The witches had become publicly menacing during the weeks leading up to the holiday shopping season as numerous children were discovered blankly starring at their outdated video games. The connection to the diabolical practices reported of the coven to the mental incapacitation of the cities youth were frail at best. However, the Head Guardian Kazuo needed a scapegoat, and knowing the gatherings and electronic surges at the dock  certainly signified trouble, he declared war on the coven and made sure of the press. 

The affair ended quite rapidly as most of the monster witches perished in their own gargantuan ceremonial flame, several of the members exhibited supernatural force. In retaliation 13 soldier of the Gear were permanently crippled, three of which never spoke again spoke a sensible word. The entire dock factory had been decorated with small devices and the radio communications were unparalleled in there magnitude. The witches used the communications and computer records to manoeuvre the soldiers mesmerically into severe harm. 

Guardian Wellis (the Old Man) was unaffected by the hypnosis, having developed a natural immunity by never actually using a cell phone, and forced the coven into forfeit single handed . The monsters however, preferred annihilation to capture and chose to destroy themselves in the fire when the Guardian had won.During the fit of seppuku, many unwilling participants were caught in the frenzy. Over 60 supposed human sacrifices perished in the blaze for as the witches dove in, they took their struggling prisoners along.

The entire mass suicide occurred in mere seconds leaving Guardian Wellis little time to react. In a desperate whirlwind on flesh, smoke and ashes, the young Guardian Wellis was able  to save only one of the victims. With the skilled manoeuvring of his blades, Wellis wrestled a female infant from the arms of a rotted fanged witch. Scratching at him with bestial nails whilst her frizzled huge hair caught aflame, the creature only subsided the child upon monstrous decapitation.

The rescue itself, was not entirely unual as Guardians of the City used often to deal in such matters, and in defence of Kazou rash decisions, no further children were harmed.What was peculiar was Wellis' inexplicable notion to adopt the child as his own. It wasn't until three weeks into the parenthood that Wellis even thought to question his actions when he noticed the 2 month old child had reprogrammed several of his most complicated devices. At this he'd first realized what he had done. Argenta was not a sacrifice being drawn to the fire but in fact he'd rescued one of the witches instead!

The young sorceress, Argenta, like in all modern witch stories, has traded her study of potions and incantations for a more vicious technological approach. Through her vast knowledge of the macroverse and the communicative prowess of all technologies, Argenta is able to infiltrate and manipulate even the most docile of users. Fortunetly due to an unusual upbringing under the watchful influence of the Old Man, Argenta has taken to using her talents for good.