The Guardian/Old Man

Comic Book Hero! Large box-store chains now run the length of what was once a wide variety of independently run shops and boutiques. The downtown of the Gear has slowly witnessed the closing of three small stores in favor of one until the entire main street was churned to a mall. However, a singular anomaly lies in the midst of the madness, where a small cybernetics and computer repair center continues to thrive. 

The store is run by a friendly and wise old mane know as Wellis. Wellis has taken to a quiet, yet lucrative practice after many years of public service. Not long ago the Old man was a celebrated guardian for the City of Gears. Master Wellis' adventures were mentioned all across the lands. He'd defeated monsters from nature, weapons of war, and extraterrestrial prospectors retiring with honor following his last standing battle at the Monolith Center back in 1991. 

A strange new technology had run amok in the labs and the guardians of the Gear were called upon for help. Although Wellis, and his partner Kojima, we able to subdue the menace the battle cost the Old Man the use of his legs. Many questions arose concerning the origin of  the incident however the simultaneous disappearance of the guardian head master Kazuo, overshadowed the investigation.

Since that time the old man has enjoyed servicing the communities cybernetics and mechanical needs. Having taken a particular interest in training gifted young cyberneticists, the Old Man has made a hobby of hiring unique individuals to work and study with in his shop. His current crew consists of Audu, a former Forrest Ranger, his adoptive daughter Argenta, and a mechanical wizard named Junior. Despite their attempts at an unassuming life, it would appear that the Old Man is a meddler of the most sophisticated degree.

The Guardian/Old Man appears in HEY APATHY! BOOK2 " A Song for the Samurai"

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