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Robots Art & Science Fiction Stories Part 3 (Read Part 1) Once the commute has finished I enter an enormous technological tower. The building is filled with electronics and computers all designated for the purpose of making money. Again my mechanization is undeniably obvious yet somehow I always considered myself human even though there isn't even the slightest piece of evidence to support those strange thoughts. The building is cold and devoid of emotions as we move mechanically through our ruthless functions. The day is spent hooked up to the computers shifting information simultaneously creating and destroying both abstract and physical constructs in the pursuit of monetary advancement. Like clockwork the entire office moves in unison, even the so called social aspects and hierarchies are nothing more than variations in the mechanized models.

Some of the robots are programmed for lower level functions while others have been equipped with more powerful parts. However all the different machines are necessary as none of us are really individuals but rather parts of a whole. Once I realized that I was truly a robot, this unified entity became easy to see. Many people are still blind to this so they get caught up in unnecessary battles. However what they believe to be personality, goals and desires are really nothing more than designated roles playing out under the guise of motivation. At the end of the day we are all the same and all going to the scrap yard after our period of planned obsolescence has passed.

In the middle of the day electronic timers guide us into the lunchroom for a brief moment to refuel. Filled with synthetically modified energy we return to our stations reconnect with the internet and continue our chores. In the late afternoon I attend a meeting with a select group of the robots. We all sit facing each other and exchange files from our appendages in order to make sure we are making the most of our day. Even the pleasantries are programmed activities. We all have the false smile, firm hand shake and illusionist small talk applications which have made us more suitable for certain positions. The meetings adjourn and we return to our cubicles for the remaining business hours before reversing the commute. Continue to Weird Tale Part 4


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