Urban Myths! Technological tentacles are assimilating mankind! A strange invasion of alien mechanizations, transformative elixirs and overpowering mental malfunctions corrupts the cities streets. Tiny extra terrestrial devices attach themselves to the hands, faces and eyes of unsuspecting consumers breeding inadequate socializations and devouring emotional creativity. Ghastly robot zombies, pig headed people and self absorbed citizens move in dystopian unity building empires of greed with each and every gesture.  Using monetary and material temptations the terrifying takeover spreads infallibly and in many instances appears to be greeted with open arms! Man turns to animal and then to machine as the world turns cold rapidly conforming to dull electric repetitions.

The transformation artworks were inspired by, and made directly in, the streets of downtown Toronto. As a street artist and performer I sat out on the sidewalk talking with people and observing the life and culture in its most popular forum. One of the strangest things I witnessed while sitting in the shopping district was the rapid increase in the use of hand held devices.

Following a number of technological breakthroughs, and an amazingly aggressive advertising campaign, a new breed of computers started to appear all over the streets. Although cell phones and portable music players were already very common there was a drastic increase in usage around the summer of 2005. Suddenly there were  tiny plastic boxes everywhere. People were watching TV while they walked, talking on the phone while holding hands with their lovers and completing business transactions while waiting for drink. The whole world started living outside of their own experiences; everybody was always somewhere or someone else.

These urban myths were made with brushes and black ink on white paper. The drawings ranged in size anywhere from 2 x 6 feet to 4 x 12 feet and were all made outdoors while working on Queen Street West. The paper was generally duct taped to the sidewalk and the works were made quickly and spontaneously without any preliminary planning. These artworks were really fun and challenging to create. I would always wait for busy afternoons to paint these sequences.  I enjoyed trying to capture the mood of the city while working right in the middle of large pedestrian crowds. The transformation drawings scrolls were exhibited in various capacities in 2005-06 including on the street, at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and at the Definitely Superior Art Gallery in Thunder Bay. 

 URBAN MYTHS ART EXHIBITION  Showcase of ink drawings in ThunderBay Art Gallery


GRAFFITI DRAWINGS Images from the live street art performances where these drawings were made