2015 was a crazy year for making murals, comics & travelling to share my art! I'll be adding updates more often over the next few months now that I'm trapped inside my studio for the cold Canadian winter. inquiries contact me at: hey_apathy@hotmail.com

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HEY APATHY! Artworks by Mike Parsons: Like many of us I grew up an avid scribbler and fan of mainstream comic book drawings, film, music and animation. As I approached adulthood however, I found myself increasingly infuriated by the repetitious scenarios and apathetic consumerist undertones of both popular and real time culture. At the age of 24, after being commissioned to illustrate a cartoon styled advertisement for alcohol, I had finally had enough and decided to lock myself inside a basement studio to meditate. I spent an entire year down there creating pen and ink drawings depicting the metropolis as an ominous gear propelled by an endless sea of faceless denizens. Following my retreat, and the subsequent exhibition of the works (2002),  I realized that my nihilistic landscapes, although somewhat accurately constructed, were too withdrawn and posed more questions than they offered answers, “Who are all these people?”, “What is the City?” and ultimately “Where do I fit in?”. 

In hopes of gaining a better understanding of the phenomena in question I chose to abandon the introspective nature of the artist’s studio in favor of an investigative approach. I proceeded to develop a particular process using public interventions, street performances and outdoor festivals transforming the city into a studio, stage and gallery. Through these immersive experimentations I was able to meet face to face with thousands of people from all over the world and of all walks of life. As a result both my artworks and self evolved immensely. Today I still draw the city as a giant gear, only now it is all the unique characters, not anonymous cogs, who fuel the machine.  

Since 2005 I have completed several major solo exhibitions and over 300 outdoor performances as well as prestigious projects for the A.G.O. (Art Gallery of Ontario),The Hudson's Bay Company and Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, the City of Toronto and the First Canada Place. In addition to annual drawing exhibitions, I also produce graphic novels, fashion designs, print editions, animated artworks and am currently in collaboration on an original video game featuring my drawings. The  goal of my project is to create comic book drawings and fine artworks that are simultaneously intellectually provocative as well as accessible to viewers of all ages. Welcome to the City of Gears!

comic book drawings, graffiti street art
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Prints Comic Art for Sale
Comic Art for Sale! Monsters, Robots and Strange Superheroes from the City of Gears Limited Edition Fine Art Prints & Signed Screen Print Posters
HEY APATHY! Comic Book Drawings from the monstrous metropolis! Apocalypse Art, Zombie Monster Drawings, Weird Tales, Gothic Ink and Surrealism Artwork by Mike Parsons 2001-present
Artwork Drawings Gallery Exhibitions
HEY APATHY! Artwork Drawings Gallery Exhibitions.2001-present. Pen and ink works, graffiti street art, comic book drawings, videos, Cg art and live performances by Canadian artist Mike Parsons
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HEY APATHY! Graffiti Street Art! Murals, performances, public interventions! Watch stop motion draw graffiti videos!
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Draw Graffiti! Monsters, Zombies, Cartoons and Surreal Cityscape Street Art, Wall Murals, Outdoor, Indoor, Ceiling and Public paintings 2001-Present
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Read Comic Books Online! Strange Manga, Surreal Graphic Novels, Gun Stories and Skeleton Drawings from the City of Gears!
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Free Online Comics! Funny,Weird,Strange &Surreal colection of short stories. Humour Horror Science Fiction & Silly Webcomics
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Fashion Drawing! Surrealism Art Designs,Magazines, Monster Shirts, Street Paintings and Comic Book T-Shirts,
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CG Art! Hey Apathy Virtual Metropolis interactive videogame artwork featuring surreal landscapes, strange animations and an unusual user interface. by Mike Parsons and Michael Peters
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HEY APATHY! Free Online Cartoons and Monster Animation Exploding Psyches, Creepy Creatures, Zombie Cartoons and the Monstrous Metropolis. Comic Book Drawings by Mike Parsons
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Black and White Art Commissions, custom work, murals, graphics and clothing design Pen and ink drawings
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Graffiti Art Toronto Cityscape wall mural. Large format Black and white abstract surreal comic book drawing
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